Improving Lives Saving Money Campaign – January 2017 Update

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Three things have dominated January’s news agenda in the UK: Donald Trump’s inauguration, Brexit and the well-publicised pressures being felt in our National Health Service.

The latter of these topics is an area the College of Occupational Therapists has been particularly vocal on and will continue to be throughout 2017. Whilst ‘winter pressures’ will no doubt be a topic revisited next winter, examples of systems that are effective at reducing pressure on A&E and hospital admissions and increasing the speed of discharge should be highlighted throughout the year.

The College’s report series, Reducing the pressure on hospitals – A report on the value of occupational therapy”, were launched across the four nations in November. View images from all four launch events.

The reports were compiled following a year’s worth of research and data gathered by occupational therapists across the country. This enabled the College to quantify the value our members bring to the system and make bold recommendations for how their better deployment could reduce pressure on the acute system and most importantly keep people out of hospital and allow them to live independently.

The College’s next report series will be launched in spring this year and focus on evaluating the impact of occupational therapists deployed in primary and community care. This will be launched with a series of recommendations to policy makers across the UK.

This year the College will be using the findings and recommendations from both reports to engage with decision makers directly to bring about substantive long-term change. This will be supported by the College’s senior team, who will be making a series of speeches and presentations to raise the profile of the Improving Lives Saving Money campaign.