Getting my life back: occupational therapy promoting mental health and wellbeing

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The current situation:
About one in six people experience a common mental health problem each week and over 85% of people first disclose their problem to their GP. Despite this only 5% of mental health professionals, such as occupational therapists, work in GP services, with the majority of mental health services based in secondary and acute care. This makes services difficult for people to access when difficulties first become apparent.

What needs to change:
By prioritising prevention and early intervention in mental health services people can be helped to recover before problems escalate. Our report demonstrates the impact of occupational therapy in four keys areas: helping young people to achieve their educational potential, supporting people with mental health issue into employment, improving the physical health of people with serious mental health problems and in leading innovative service delivery that improves access to mental health support in primary care.

Our four nation reports demonstrate the value of occupational therapy in all four countries and can be accessed below:
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